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Laid-Back Loops

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What's Included?

  • 5 Completely Stemmed Out Drum Loops (14-16 Tracks Per Loop)
  • Mics on: Bass Drum, Sub, Floor Tom, Hi-Hat, Overhead Left, Overhead Right, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Ribbon Mic, Toms 1-3, Tambourine, Shakers, Guiro, Conga, Triangle, Repinique, Sementes, Reco-Reco)
  • High-Quality WAV files (24 bit, 44.1 kHz)
  • Compatible with all DAW systems (Logic, Reason, FL Studio, Abelton, Pro Tools, etc..)
  • Carefully processed and mastered with analog gear just "under-zero"
  • All sounds are 100% royalty-free
  • 249 MB download


The Laid-Back Loops sample pack is the essential drum loop kit created by Producer Hut. These loops are made for the modern and professional engineer. Each loop is stemmed out with the original mic recordings, an engineers' dream. Play these loops to anyone you know, we promise you'll get their heads bopping.

Every single one of these drum sounds were carefully processed with the modern producer in mind. We record all original sounds and use high-quality analog gear to bounce each sample in the highest quality format WAV file, (24-bit, 44.1kHz). All sounds are completely original and created by Producer Hut.